You Must Consider These Points When Investing In Condos

In choosing a condo for investment, you need to look at the facilities provided by the condo to support the lives of its residents. The completeness of the facility greatly influences the interest of prospective tenants/buyers of condo units. Facilities that usually affect the interests of prospective tenants/buyers include sports facilities ( such as swimming pools, gyms, and jogging tracks), internet connections, shopping centers, and electricity and water connections. If you want to buy such a condo, we suggest you see The Landmark.

In addition to condo complex facilities, you also have to look at the environment around the condo. Condos that have a bright investment potential are condos surrounded by complete public facilities, such as shopping centers, education centers, and hospitals. Additionally, good road access and transportation also greatly affect the investment value of your condo. If you want to invest in such a strategic condo, we recommend you buy a unit from The Landmark.

Then, when you are going to buy a condo unit for investment, you must know the increase in condo prices from the beginning of the condo marketed until the time you buy the condo unit. By knowing the price increase, you can calculate the ROI range of your condo unit.

Besides that, the thing that is often overlooked, but it is important to consider when buying condo units for investment is knowing the maintenance costs charged to condo occupants. You must know how much maintenance costs are charged by the condo manager, what is included in the maintenance costs, and the trend of rising maintenance costs. Knowing about the maintenance costs is needed to avoid an increase in maintenance costs arbitrarily by the manager. This incident certainly must be avoided because it can reduce the investment value of your condo unit because of negative reviews from people who have inhabited your condo.

Finally, in condo investments, aside from doing a careful preparation, marketing activities are very important. To facilitate the marketing of units, you can work closely with property agents so that your units can be advertised by property agents and they can be seen by potential tenants/buyers.

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