Bootcamp Feedback:

“I completed the two week boot camp today.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I received from your course.  I have always been in good shape, I run long distance on a regular basis.  When I first signed up, I was thinking that this course would be relatively easy for me to complete.  I was gravely mistaken.  I can truly say that I have received the best two weeks of workouts in my entire life.   Not only do I feel that the workouts were superior, but the positive mental attitude that I have taken with me throughout the day is truly exceptional.  I credit your course for this change.  Hoo yah!” – B. Murrill

Walston is one tough fellow.  I loved his real life stories about the importance of teamwork and giving your all.
– J. Mask

“Civilians do not have access to this quality of leadership.  They run a very, very good program and are an inspiration to the rest of us working 60 hours a week downtown watching our health erode.
Thank you for your time and initiative in making the program available, and making a difference in each bootcamper’s life.  Sounds hokey…but it’s true.  One does not meet people like you at the office coffee bar or next management seminar.”
– N. Crady

“Physically it acted as the wake-up call from hell, to my 44th year!” – W. Van Someren

“The Course was the best thing I ever did, regardless of my future goals.  Even though at times I would much rather have been in bed, I felt something inside being tapped which I had never been felt before.  Congratulations on a great course…there isn’t a person I wouldn’t recommend it to!”  -D.T.

“This is the best physical conditioning course I have ever taken”- T. Phillips

“This is the most grueling and most rewarding physical challenge that I have undertaken.  The course far exceeded my expectations and goals.  Excellent course-  I just wish I would have known about it years ago!”   – I. Guerrero

“So far I have lost 8 lbs (in 3 weeks) and a notch on my belt…My abdomen is shrinking and I have gone down one dress size!”  –  M. Kelley

“Since my first exposure to this program (about 8 weeks ago) I have nearly tripled the amount of pushups/sit-ups.
I’ve lost around 20 lbs and a complete waist size“! –   J. Bragg

” I lost weight.  I gained stamina, strength, and got a little tougher mentally.
It was all I wanted (And More).”    –  B. Powell

“This course has given me a supercharged kick in the butt attitude towards putting out and getting results   I love it!”  –  C. Williamson

“Focus on teamwork was the best team building session I’ve ever been to.  Corporate programs just don’t cut it.  Wish my colleagues at work would join.”  S. HatchWright

“There were two major parts that I loved about the course!  First, after a few days of the hellish calisthenics, I found a mental strength that I can’t remember seeing in myself for 18 or more years.  Secondly, I loved the values and ideals that the instructors stressed.  I think in the last two weeks I have remembered and learned more about myself  than anything in the last twenty years.  You have my sincerest gratitude.”  – R. Northrup

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