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Are You Familiar With The Exterior Of Range Rover Evoque

If you look at the outside, the Range Rover Evoque gives off a true aristocratic impression. Indirectly, the drivers around this car will be enchanted when they see it passing. He was instantly able to provide considerable intimidation to other cars that were about to pass. To look away from this car is quite difficult because the exterior on this car looks pretty cool. However, if you wish to rent this car or other types of range rover, you can go to the best range rover rental london.

The lights planted on the front are equipped with LED DRLs. The bottom bumper also has holes on the right and left. While the grille still uses a hexagonal design with the Land Rover logo on the right. Right in the middle of the front bumper, 3 sensors can provide distance information. Continuing to the hood, there is an exhaust vent that can remove hot engine air.

If the car is locked, there is no visible handle on each door. The handle on each door can enter the inside of the door so that the door looks flat without a handle. On pillar C, the color used is black. So that it gives the impression that this car has a floating roof design.

On the legs, the 235/50 Range Rover tires wrap around 20-inch rims. To support the large tires, the legs are planted using MacPherson Strut front suspension with Hydrobush technology. While the rear suspension uses Adaptive Dynamics Integral Link Damper. This alloy produces a ground clearance of 212 mm which is high enough to bulldoze damaged roads. Despite having quite large legs, there is no need to doubt the braking. This Range Rover Evoque has ventilated disc brakes with a size of 349 mm at the front. While on the back using discs measuring 300 mm.

One of the new features in this car is the Clear Sight Rear View Mirror or also known as the smart cabin rearview mirror. This system works with Translight Video in the center mirror which has a size of 9.5 inches with a resolution of 1,600 x 320 pixels with 60 frames per second (fps).