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Knowing The Right Way To Use Pipe

Enjoying tobacco by pipe is much more complicated than regular smoking. Therefore, if you want to enjoy smoking using a pipe then you must first know how to smoke a pipe. It all starts with a technique to fill a bowl that requires practice and habit. Too dense, the air in the bowl will find it difficult to rotate, as a result, the fire in the pipe will die by itself. Being too stretched out is also not good because the actual taste of the tobacco is gone, we will just suck in more wind. During the process of using pipes, we also have to perform compaction using special tools. This compaction is used so that the fire in the bowl continues to burn and we can continue to feel the pleasure of the tobacco. When combustion occurs, of course, there will be space and this is where compaction is needed.

The compaction technique also takes practice. You will need to try several times before you find the right pressure into the pipe to keep the fire burning. At first, you may find it difficult because the fire will die a lot. When smoking tobacco, it turns out that there is a technique too. Being too aggressive will make the pipe very hot and of course, this will reduce the taste of the burnt tobacco. Too often to suck, the fire in the bowl will automatically die and you are forced to turn it on again. So the frequency of smoking tobacco must be maintained, you have to be patient.

Besides, smoking tobacco using a pipe is different from smoking cigarettes. If you smoke a cigarette it means you have to inhale too deeply, but if you smoke a pipe then all you have to do is suck into your mouth.