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Know The Types Of Scaffolding

Scaffolding or scaffolding is one of the tools that is usually used in the work industry, such as the construction sector, for example. The main function of this one tool is of course to make it easier for workers while doing a job. In the world of the construction industry, the installation and use of scaffolding or Hire In must comply with occupational safety and health standards.

This tool turns out to be divided into several types. Of course, various types of scaffolding have their respective functions. For more details, below will explain the various types of scaffolding that you can know. However, before going further on the types of scaffolding or scaffolding, you must first know what scaffolding is. Here’s the understanding.

The general understanding of a scaffolding or scaffolding tool is a temporary support construction used for work at height. Scaffolding is very useful for supporting workers, equipment, and several other materials while work is in progress. Scaffolding consists of several types that are tailored to its use. In order for you to know more clearly the types of scaffolding or scaffolding, below will be given an explanation of the various types of scaffolding tools that are often used.

Wood Scaffolding
For this type of scaffolding, it is usually used for jobs that are not too big. Not only that, even wood scaffolding is often used only once. Level V wood species is a classification of the strength of the wood species that is often used.

Mobile Scaffold
The more modern times have made this type of scaffolding more practical. One of them is this mobile scaffold. The model of the tool can be moved easily because it is equipped with wheels under it. Of course, this type of tool is perfect for moving jobs. However, even though the mobile scaffold is quite practical to use, you must also pay attention to work procedures, especially for those of you who work in the construction industry.