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How To Choose The Best Baseball Cap

Baseball caps seem to be an inseparable part of fashion developments. Its function is no longer just protection from the sun, but as style support as well. The baseball cap can add to the outlook of the wearer, both women, and men. To have the best baseball equipment, you can check out theĀ  https://9ninesports.com/softball/fastpitch/bats/ .

This time, we will explain how to choose a baseball cap for you. Not to forget, we will also recommend ten baseball caps from well-known brands, such as New Era, Adidas, to Champion. Are you ready to look chicer in a baseball cap?

How to choose a baseball cap
Initially, the baseball cap was part of the uniform worn by baseball players. However, in its development, this item has become popular among people who like fashion. Baseball caps that do not see seasonal trends are suitable items for use in various situations. So, how do you choose the right baseball cap to wear? Check out the explanation below.

Choose based on the shape of the tongue (visor/collar)
Baseball caps are divided into at least three types based on the shape of the tongue (visor/collar). There are standard types, straight types, and short brim types. Choose a tongue model according to your taste.

Standard type: a fashion item that fits any style
The tongue of this type is curved and long. This type of hat doesn’t give the impression of street style. However, this type is worth choosing to compliment your various styles.

Straight type: fashionable street style
New Era, Adidas, and Nike are well-known brands that are known for producing a variety of baseball caps with straight models. The tongue of this straight type hat as the name implies is straight and stiff. This hat is quite popular for hip hop enthusiasts, both dancers, rappers, and DJs (disc jockeys).

Short brim type: gives a cute and different impression to your appearance
Hat development continued until finally the tongue part of the baseball cap was shortened. This form of a baseball cap with a shorter tongue is called a short brim. This hat design can add a cute silhouette to your appearance. This type is worth a try if you are tired of the conventional hat shape.

Choose a design that you like
Apart from the tongue type, the other main thing you should pay attention to before buying a baseball cap is how it looks. The impression a baseball cap makes can differ depending on the design. Everyone certainly has a different taste in clothing. Let’s find a baseball cap that suits your favorite style!

Simple design that goes well with any style of dress
If you want a simple style, choose a minimalist design hat with a small logo. Designs like this are also easy to match with various types of clothes. A hat that doesn’t have many motifs or variations can give a mature impression. Its simple appearance has made this baseball cap a trend in recent years.

A hat with a striking appearance that gives off a street style impression
A baseball cap with a striking design or color has a thicker street style impression. You can combine this hat with the big silhouette or extreme silhouette dress trend that tends to wear oversized clothes. Your appearance is guaranteed to be more stylish in an instant!

Low stamp gives a casual impression and a fresh look
The difference in baseball caps lies not only in the type of tongue but also in the shape of the cap. If you want to look casual, a low cap hat will suit your style more. You will look more relaxed and mature when wearing a hat like that. Not only for men, but we also recommend wearing this hat for women who have bangs.