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Differences Single, Queen and King Mattress

After getting tired of activities, sleep is the most awaited moment when night falls. To enjoy quality sleep, of course, you need to have a quality mattress too. Besides needing to understand the types of mattresses (springs, memory foam, foam, latex), you also need to know the size of the mattress so you can adjust it according to your needs. You should know that the standard size for bed mattresses in different countries. Right now, we will talk about the single, queen, and king mattress for your ψηλό κομμό.

Single bed size
As the name implies, a single mattress is used only for one person. A single bed is suitable for those of you who live alone and have limited space, such as in an apartment. Also, if you are looking for a bed size for children who are starting to grow up, this single mattress is the right choice.

Queen size bed
The queen mattress can be used for two adults. Queen size bed is commonly used in hotels. With a bed size of 160 cm x 200 cm, a queen mattress is highly recommended for couples who have limited room space. A queen bed that is not too big but fits two people can save space in your room. Meanwhile, if you still live alone, the size of the mattress that is wide enough will make you sleep more freely. It is also for this reason that queen mattresses are among the most widely used mattresses in homes.

King size mattress
If a queen size bed still doesn’t meet your needs, then a king size mattress can be your next choice. This mattress size is often used by hotels for exclusive room types with higher rates than other rooms. Meanwhile, if used at home, a king-size mattress is usually placed in the master bedroom. The standard king size bed in Indonesia is 180 cm x 200 cm, wide enough for you and your partner to sleep more freely.