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The only thing stopping you is yourself!!! Partial Scholarships for enlistees!

Arrival date is March 27th and departure date is March 30th  Please note participants will be responsible for lodging on the arrival date as well as a rental car if needed.

b01.ht2Experience first hand what BUD/S candidates endure! As a student of the SEAL Physical Challenge course you will undergo intense training led by former Navy SEALs and other members of the Special Forces community.

The SEAL SPECIAL FORCES Challenge Camp is a division of The Original SEAL Physical Training Course, Inc. based in Houston, Texas. The course was developed and designed by former U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Jack Walston (president of SEAL P.T.). After having completed BUD/S as well as years of other training and service in the SEAL Teams, Jack felt it would be a waste not to pass on his experience to others.

The challenge course is designed to give you insight into the true nature of Navy SEAL training and the level of endurance needed to complete it. For the special warfare candidate or for those who just want to test their steel. Don’t be a quitter, don’t ring the bell, come and experience the challenge!

Feedback from those who took the Course:

I hope everything is going well with the SEAL PT course.  Just writing to let you know that I received one of the 16 billets out of the Academy to SPECWAR.  We picked our dates last Friday and I will class up with 243 in October.  It was pretty cool, they brought in CAPT Schultz, Captain Moser, CAPT Willard, and Master Chief Boesch (Rudy) to come talk to all of us on Friday night.  We just sat around, drank beer, and they told us stories about their team experiences.  It was pretty unreal.  Anyways just wanted to let you know that I finally made it, and I hope everything is going well for you.
P. M.

I don’t know if you remember me but I took your course in NYC right before I
shipped off for BUD/S.  Ben Platt was the one who was generous enough to get
me involved in your program.  when I got to Bud/s I told my friends about
your course and how it was set up. I really appreciate the help and guidance
you gave me in my short period of time that I was there.  Since then I have
graduated class 231 on OCT 27th.  I have also just returned home to Conn.
from Airborne school.  Having completed BUD/S successfully I can say that
your program was an excellent way for someone to prepare themselves for BUD/S.
OS3   ( class 231)

Instructor Walston,

I am writing to tell you thanks. I attended the BUD/S prep course in July of ’98 if you don’t remember us there was me and a young Pilipino guy left after 3 days you cut us a day short due to the dropouts, thanks. I was to attended again but tore a knee so that’s that. In those 3 days I learned through your kicking my sorry butt along that there are no limits to what the human body and mind can accomplish. I now work for the family business and aspire to other sporting goals but whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself or whining about how things aren’t going my way I reflect on my experiences on Galveston Island. You seem to have come a long way since then I hope good fortune continues your way.

Keep pushing the weakness out.

Best of luck,
B. B.

Prior to taking your class I had decided to join the Air Force and had a
weight requirement to meet as well as a physical fitness standard which I was
not even close to.  I had started working out on my own by walking and jogging
and lost 18 lbs in a 10 week period.  I then signed up for Seal Pt.

After completing the course I had lost the rest of the weight need, (body
fat 32 to 25) increased my push ups from 0 to 25 in 2 minutes, my sit ups
from about 45 to 65 in two minutes and brought my run time down 3 minutes for
1 1/2 miles.

As I sit here now I graduated last week from Commissioned Officers training
and  I am at my new duty station in Little Rock Arkansas as a 1st Lieutenant
in the United States Air Force.

I just wanted to say thank you for pushing me to my limit and making me
overcome my environment.  I feel that those two short weeks have made me a
stronger person and a better person to be an officer in the Air Force serving
my country.

M. M.

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