Correcting Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture syndrome has become such a common postural problem people are not really bothered about paying attention to it and try to correct it, every other person is staring down at his/her phone for hours and this disorder has become so common that it may not even be considered as something abnormal and unnatural, but this has serious health issues and it can leave permanent damage, this should be considered as a disorder and must be treated with proper medication or any other type of treatment, that is mostly decided by the extent or level of pain we are suffering from.

The most effective way to deal with forward head posture syndrome is to do fhp exercise, these must be done with taking proper care and avoiding things which ruin our posture, only a good posture will ensure that you have a healthy back which is the core thing to have in order to keep you healthy and about, mostly neck pains and even headaches are related to bad posture.

The best fhp exercises which would help you get rid of text neck and stiffness are:

  1. Wall squats: wall squats build the core of the back, it helps you build a solid bottom which ensures that the weight is distributed evenly among the entire back.
  2. Plank: This is such a common and effective exercise, it is recommended by core fitness trainers and yoga instructors, it will help you build strong shoulder muscles and get rid of any stiffness.
  3. Bridge: Bridge is mostly done by those who like to do a yoga sort of session, it works on the buttocks, abdominals and back area.

So these are the three most effective fhp exercises which would help you deal with the pain and correct your posture.

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