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SEAL P.T. Team Building Programs

Are you searching for a dynamic way to bring your “team” together? SEAL P.T. Team Building programs specialize in creating team building experiences for corporate groups, sports teams, and private groups.  

Team development can set a corporation or sports club apart from the competition. In today’s society, creating a competitive advantage has become a necessity. There is no better return on investment in terms of productivity than SEALPT’s custom team building programs.

Over the years, SEAL PT has conducted training for several prestigious groups including the nationally ranked Texas A&M Women’s Soccer team, St. Mary’s College Rugby Team, The Men’s Wearhouse Corporate Headquarters, Holliday Fengolio & Fowler Co. and Tomball Ford.

These courses were an overwhelming success with impressive results. Imagine the difference in productivity & morale at your workplace. Think of the boost in camaraderie & performance in your or your child’s sports team after having completed the course.
SEAL Team Development Training is customized to fit the needs of every client by custom tailoring the program:

  • Time of day
  • Location
  • Duration (choose from 1-5 day classes 1-4 hrs in length)
  • Intensity
  • Content (Based on the current dynamics of the participants & the type of organization)
  • Pricing structure
If your organization is interested in finding out more, contact our office at (281) 471-4977. Or drop an email to
Personal Testimonies
“Two of the toughest days that I have personally ever endured. However, the office is already becoming closer to the “team” that I was looking for. Before this training we were a bunch of talented individuals with selfish outlooks on life. I am hoping that this experience serves as a bond for our future together in thsi company. I want to thank you and your entire team for doing this and helping us to realize what we are capable of.”
R. Skains
Tek Systems

“This course helped me to get to know eighteen other people in my organization better, and has shown me valuable lessons regarding teamwork.”
J. Bragg
The Men’s Warehouse

“This course has enhanced my leadership skills. It has shown me how to take an authoritative position and make things happen in a efficient and productive manner. It has improved my way of thinking, way of attacking different tasks, and most of all my communicating skills. I really appreciate your focus on communication, you guys have reinforce statements I’ve been trying to enforce to everyone at Men’s Wearhouse.”
T. McGuire
The Men’s Warehouse
“This course helped me to see qualities of people in my department I have never seen or experienced. It brought about a union of encouragement, tolerance and support. Never in my wildest dreams could I have made it through this course without our departments support.”
 Melissa L. Holliday
Fengolio Fowler, L.P.
“At first I wasn’t sure about the course, but by the end when I received the certificate, I went straight out to purchase a frame which now hang on the wall, PROUD! …This helped to put us on the same level, not one person was more important than the other.” Amy V. Holliday
Fengolio Fowler, L.P.

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