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The Colors Of Karate Belts: What Do They Mean?

Almost everyone has seen people with different colors of karate belt. But why do they differ? When it comes to martial arts, karate belts play an important role in determining the level of expertise of the individual. It signifies that the individual with a particular color of belt has undergone a special kind of karate training. The most common colors of belts worn by people are white and black but there are other varying colors as well including yellow orange, blue, green and brown.

At a beginner level, an individual has to wear a while color belt, which signifies that they have initiated the process of acquiring the training. Once they have gone through the basic training of karate, they can move one level up and be rewarded with a yellow belt. At this stage, the individual has to learn at least ten self-defense moves of karate and excel in it. The next level of the beginner level is the orange belt level where the individual has to move on from the self-defense moves to focusing on physical conditioning techniques.

The intermediate level students are rewarded with a green colored belt upon which they will be required to go through a in-depth karate moves training. The next level is of the intermediate level is where individuals will be rewarded with blue belts. To jump on level up, they will need to master at least 200 karate moves that are diverse in nature. Upon excelling, they will get a brown colored belt where the student will have to prove that they have reached the level of karate training where they can balance their body and perform skillful karate moves.

Black color signifies the advanced level of karate training. This does not mean they the individuals have mastered the art of karate, it merely means that they are ready to take on the karate challenges. For more details, you can visit

All You Need to Know About Indoor Basketballs

If you are looking for relevant information about the best and top rated indoor basketballs then look no further, this article is specifically about the top rated indoor basketball and I would try to make it clear about which ones you should buy and which brand, there are numerous companies making indoor basketballs and everyone claiming to be the best one and people may get confused about which one to buy, the key is that you take some time reading about which basketball is best in the indoor courts and which one is not, by doing that you will not be wasting your money and buying the appropriate one.

basketball-indoor-courtsThere is a huge misconception about the basketball that there is no difference in what kind of ball you use, indoors or outdoors you can use the same basketball, well this is a stupid thing to believe in, because it is very important that you use the suitable ball for your indoor games, the material and size both may differ when playing indoor and outdoor, the top rate indoor basketball includes the Wilson evolution game ball, the Molten BGG basketball or the Spalding TF 1000 legacy, all these basketball must be bought in the size 6,7 when used for indoor courts.

Along with these amazing indoor basketballs the top rated indoor basketball is the Spalding NBA Official game ball, these are some of the top rated indoor basketball which is obviously a bit higher in price than other brands but they are up for the task whenever you play, you will surely feel the difference when you play with these basketballs,  these are durable and amazing and its material suit the indoor surfaces and size is also appropriate to play in the indoors basketball courts.