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Nutrition Myths Versus Facts: Uncovering The Truth

There is no doubt that almost all of us have been in those situations where people with no nutrition educational background or knowledge are advising you on the foods that make you fat and are unhealthy. While some of the recommendations may be useful, most of them are given without based on any factual evidence. The sad part is, even some of the professionals these days believe in the old outdates myths. Due to this, it has become absolutely frustrating and difficult to separate the true facts from the false myths. Following are main myths about nutrition compared to the true facts.

Myth # 1: The Biological Value Of Protein Is Changed When It’s Cooked
This world would be a disaster if there were any truth to this myth. According to many people, the best list of deals protein powder can become denatured once it is cooked. While this may be true, it does not damage the protein in any way. Protein powders can be cooked and baked; after all you can’t really eat a burger with a raw patty.

Myth # 2: It Is Essential To Consume Protein Right After Your Workout
You will be surprised to know about the amount of times people urge others to consume protein immediately after workout to gain the maximum amount of benefits. The truth is, the timing of protein consumption is not as important as consuming the right amount of protein throughout the day. While post workout protein intake is important as you can maximize your muscle growth, your main concern should be to consume regular doses of 30 grams throughout the day.

Myth # 3: You Will Gain Weight By Consuming Fat
In reality, overconsumption of fats will result in weight gain. Moreover, you need to eat the right amount of fats like olive oil and nuts to stay healthy.

The Advantages of Metabolic Cooking Cook Book

Metabolic cooking is basically a new cook book that is out in the market, and has taken it by a storm. For those who don’t know, this cook book is filled with amazing, delicious, an easy to make recipes that will surely help you when it comes to burning fat, and losing weight. Now you may be wondering how weight losing food can be delicious, well, it may have been impossible in the past, but can be easily achieved nowadays without any hassle. With that said, in case you are wondering about just how good the metabolic cook book is, simply read, and you will know that the cook book has actually helped a lot of people lose fat, and burn fat. Plus, there are plenty of recipes included that will actually cover different parts of the meals including breakfast as well.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the advantages of this amazing cook book that you can buy.

Lots of Delicious and Healthy Recipes
metabolic-cooking1The best thing about the cook book is that there are a lot of recipes to begin with, and all of these recipes are really, really easy to make, so even if you are not great with expert level recipes, you are not going to have a bad time cooking them, and that’s a good thing.

Properly Detailed Recipes
Another good thing about the metabolic cooking cook book is that all the recipes are properly detailed, this is good because most cook books completely overlook the importance of making sure all the details in these recipes, well, you don’t have to worry as these cook books have all the necessary information you require to make sure that the meal you are preparing is good.

All You Need to About Products by Zenvita

ZenVita is a well-known company which sells dietary supplements and is based in the US. They are one of the few companies who are 100% certified by various official healthy organizations and follow the rules of FDA. They are popular brand all over America and ship their products internationally. If you search their products on Amazon, you would see that they are one of the very few companies which have products who are labeled 100% lab tested.
ZenVita is a company which is perfect for people who want to burn the bad kind of body fat and be a healthy individual. They aim at the overall wellness of the human and get their body in a condition which allows them to lead a healthy and happy life. The best thing about their products is that they have no fillers, additives, junk or other useless and harmful chemicals.

Out of their many products, their best sellers are weight loss supplements like green coffee bean extract capsules, Garcia Cambogia, fish oil etc. We have compiled a list of some of their products and after reading this article, you can decide if they are right for you. For more information, visit their website and browse.

Garcia Cambogia
green-coffee-bean-extract-329x390_0It is a well-known herb which is famously used for losing weight. Thecapsules contain a huge amount of hydroxycitric acid which is known to be used in food for weight loss. These capsules are different from others because these contain potassium which helps the body absorb it.

It contains the herb, Coleus Forskohlii, which is known to stop weight gain and claims to burn body fat. The company claims that the capsules speeds up the metabolism and increases body heat through an enzyme which burns off the excess fat.

Get Whey Protein Sourced From Grass-Fed Cows Only

People that know the importance of protein for a functioning and healthy body also know the best source for their daily dose is whey protein. Choosing the best whey protein might be a little confusing if you don’t have much information about it. There are certain things that you might need to look for to get yourself the best whey protein out there. The first thing to keep an eye out is to make sure the whey protein you are getting is from cows that have been grass fed and absolutely no hormones have been given to them. The cows should also be completely free from any sort of chemical treatment or pesticides. Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure the whey protein you are getting is cold processed without any use of the heat because heat damages amino acids that are present in the protein naturally. These are damaged completely at high temperatures. Look for whey protein concentrate that has been cold processed completely. When properly processed, cows that have been grass fed produce a whey protein isolate with a lower fat content that is also low in lactose. Additionally, its taste is better than any other whey protein concentrate in the market.

1655_1More and more people are starting to identify the benefits of whey protein as there are many. It is also effectively used in weight loss projects. Whey protein is the best kind of protein out there and it promotes muscle gain effectively. By increasing muscle content throughout the body, it is much easier to burn more calories. Exercise will further help to tone the muscles, maintain the weight of the body and also increase the ability to burn calories while in the resting state. Whey protein this plays a key role in supporting weight loss.

All You Need to Know About Dietary Supplements

We all are aware of the fact that a healthy and balanced diet is essential for well being. Our daily required diet can only be achieved if we consume a variety of nutrient rich foods. It is important to include a variety of healthy food into your daily meals as it will benefit you for a very time long; preventing you from getting diseases and keeping you healthy as well as in a good shape. However, we cannot always get what you want; it is often the case that these nutrient rich foods can be very difficult to include into your diet and you end up lacking that nutrient overall. This is where the nutrient dietary supplements come in; they have the ability to make a difference to your health.

garciniaextra-intro-1According to some of the recent searches; consuming dietary supplements can help prevent some of the most severe chronic diseases. The research results show that the oxidative stress is the one of the most common causes of chronic diseases; this can be reduced by consuming the dietary supplements that provide you with a combination of vitamins and minerals. Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most popular dietary supplements these days. They can be consumed by people experiencing the problem of vitamin and mineral deficiencies; this way you will be able to include all the right vitamins and minerals into your diet.

Furthermore, it is ideal for those who are restricted by their right. For instance, a vegetarian person will not be able consume the desired vitamins and minerals that can be availed by eating meat. Through dietary supplements, they can make up for all the lost vitamins and minerals. It is also important to start taking in dietary supplements as you age since you will need more nutrients.

Interesting Facts About Turmeric You Should Know About

For those who don’t know, turmeric is basically one of the oldest spices in the history of this world, according to several researches, the existence of this spice dates back to the 2,000 BC, and ever since its inception, turmeric is being used constantly in several different aspects of life. For those who don’t know, turmeric is an amazing spice when it comes culinary field, chefs from around the world consistently use turmeric in their cuisines simply because turmeric is a spice that adds a lot of taste and aroma in the food. In addition to that, turmeric is also widely used in medical field mainly because it’s natural, has wonderful healing properties thanks to a substance called Curcumin, and it can relieve joint pains really, really well.

termericHowever, you should know that these aren’t the only cool things about turmeric curcumin as there are so many other things that you need to know, and today, we are going to discuss all interesting facts about turmeric you should know about.

  • Thanks to its excellent culinary properties, taste, and aroma, turmeric is widely known as the golden spice in all over India.
  • The Harappan civilization is probably the first civilization that managed to cultivate the turmeric plants back in 3,000 BC. Do keep in mind that turmeric existed in 2,000 as well.
  • For those who don’t know, turmeric looks a lot like ginger and can turn food into an orange/yellowish color.
  • Apart from being widely used in food, turmeric is also used as medicine in order to relieve joint pains, and speed up the natural healing process of our body.
  • India has the largest production of turmeric, standing at an impressive 90 percent.
  • Turmeric acts as an excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic agent as well.

Make Your Protein Purchase Less Costly

For building muscle, the main ingredient in your diet is the protein you are taking. It is impossible to build or to retain the already existing muscle without protein. It is vital to have sufficient amount of protein in your body because even at low amounts, the body is unable to retain the muscle your body has. This is the reason why you see such hype about high-protein diets because it is essential especially for the ones who are into body building and weight lifting. Even people who have never been to gym are looking into high protein diets but they are making a mistake of overestimating their protein requirements that can really increase their monthly food bill by a lot even though they don’t need it in that much an amount. So, before you drown yourself in chicken and meat for the proteins, you must do some research into the amount of protein your body actually requires.

mp2-e1446726507327-1024x723Protein diet is quite expensive that takes a toll on your budget. However, you can be smart about it by looking into many ways that can help you save money on your protein purchases. There are ways you can adopt that will provide you with the exact amount of protein you need for your muscle building without you having to go broke for it. For instance, you can use myprotein vouchers to save a considerable amount on your protein buys. Another way of saving on proteins is to buy large amounts all at once i.e. buy in bulk if you are buying protein powders or other items that do not go bad soon. At many stores, there is usually a discount on bulk purchases so this is an effective way of saving money on protein intake. You can also group shop with your pals and divide the amount.

All The Health Benefits of Buah Mera

For those who don’t know red fruit, or buah merah is one of the most popular fruits with over 30 different types; the fruit actually originates from Indonesia, and is grown, and eaten there. It’s so popular that people actually use a lot of different condiments made from this fruit in their daily life. For those who don’t know, red fruit, apart from just being a delicious fruit, also comes with a lot of health benefits a lot of people are completely unaware of. For instance, these fruits are being used as medicines to treat skin diseases, eye diseases, and even diseases related to worms. To raise more and more awareness about the health benefits of buah merah, we have listed down some of the health benefits of thee fruit that you can check out below.

It Helps with Eye Diseases


For those who don’t know, a controlled consumption of buah merah can actually help you with a lot of different eye diseases, the reason why this happens is because the red fruit is rich with substances like beta-carotene, and addition to that, the red fruit is also rich with vitamin A. Both of these substances actually help take care of several different diseases that are directly, or indirectly linked to a person’s eyes.

Help Against Skin Diseases

Another benefit of red fruit is that it happens to be one of the most helpful fruits when it comes to tackling a lot of different diseases like skin diseases. Believe it or not, buah merah can actually help restore your skin to its former glory if the treatment you are doing is done right. However, before starting, you should know that it’s always better to consult someone who’s fully aware of this type of treatment before going ahead with it.

Detoxification Through Supplementary Pills And Exercise

With the spread of awareness, we all know that a person cannot lose weight if he/she is not eating clean and not exercising. A way to lose weight is detoxification and supplementary pills!

product2Detoxification is a process through which all the toxins in the body get flushed out and there are different ways to detox and reduce body fat for e.g. Forskolin pills.

Toxins are harmful hosts in our bodies that inhibit it and cause diseases. Not only that, it also causes us to gain weight which leads to fatigue, body aches, bad stomach and other digestion related problems.

The bodies of humans tend to protect the body through a system known as immune system. The purpose of immune system is to flush out the toxins and fight against harmful foreign bodies. But because of body fat and toxins, the system stops functioning properly which leads to the increase of body fat or in other words, we gain weight. At such times, it needs extra help to reduce the body fat and boost metabolism. This help can be in the form of incorporating Forskolin in our diet.

It is a common known fact that a healthy life includes eating clean but it also includes exercising. Exercise is a great way to burn off the body fat. If we are to combine exercise and Forskolin, we would see amazing results in the form of weight loss!

Exercise circulates the toxins and help burn body fat. It boosts the metabolism which burns the fat and mass and muscle take its place.

For most people, belly fat is the biggest problem. This problem can be solved by taking supplementary and exercising. These two things can make the flab hanging off your tummy for sure! Exercising and taking supplementary diet has proved to work miracles.

Ordering Wheat Free Products Online

If the nutritionist or your weight loss trainer has advised you to eat sugar, gluten and wheat free food, and you don’t know the recipes to preparing such meals, then the only alternative for you is to order wheat free products online and learn how to make a delicious meal out of them, there are so many different products which do not contain gluten, once we hear that we have to go gluten free, it is hard to bring into memory which are the products which do not contain gluten, and what are we going to eat if we will not eat wheat in any form, once you are able to log onto the right websites like you would learn a lot about the wheat free products.

glutenNot only proteins, but so many other products can be a healthy substitute to the whole purpose wheat we use every day, coconut wheat is something which is common among fitness crazy people, those who want a toned body and a desirable physique go that extent and even ditch wheat eating for good, even if you can’t completely quit eating wheat straightaway, you must look to minimize the use of it, and you can do that by changing your eating habits and having substitute ingredients in your pantry, and most of these amazing ingredients are available at

Gluten free eating is recommended because it is health friendly, keeps you away from different kinds of allergies and your immune system works much better if you limit your sugar and gluten intake, if you have just started making these meals, they might not taste delicious right now, but it is really important that you don’t quit and keep on fighting with your taste buds until you develop a taste for it.