Brunei Traders Don’t Have To Worry About HotForex Safety

Hotforex understands and pays special attention to traders, by setting up or working with third parties who will specifically and separately monitor and manage trader’s funds. Of course, this institution is a third party whose credibility has been recognized, thus giving Brunei traders confidence and can have a positive impact on the trader’s trading activities. Additionally, you can visit to find more info regarding HotForex in Brunei.

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Safyr Financial is a professional third party fund administrator. Currently oversees more than 1 billion USD from offices located around the world. Having an excellent track record in depositing and fund administration services makes it the perfect choice for securing HotForex clients’ funds.

HotForex has chosen Safyr to independently administer client finances and also act as a signatory to all funds leaving the client’s account. In other words, all funds that go out must be approved by Safyr in advance. HotForex has funded this service for the convenience of its clients in Brunei and many other countries.

Every time a client makes a withdrawal request, HotForex processes the request which is then sent for completion and verification by Safyr Financial. At the same time as sending a transfer request, HotForex submits all KYC (Know Your Client, Know Your Client) documents and client’s trading reports to Safyr for permits and approvals before sending money. This ensures that when funds are removed from a client’s account, they are issued solely to send them back to the client. This makes Brunei traders feel protected when they trade with this broker.

Every fund is supervised by Safyr so it is expected to provide a significant layer of security so that clients can trade comfortably and safely. Also, HotForex maintains operations and client bank accounts with reputable banking institutions such as Barclays and State Bank of Mauritius.

HotForex is also FSC regulated, so it is obliged to meet stringent financial standards and thus obliged to submit an annual audit which is conducted by an independent external auditor. Periodically, HotForex identifies studies, monitors, and controls every type of risk associated with its operations. By regularly reviewing the effectiveness of regulations, rules, and procedures, the company can cover its financial and capital needs at any time.

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