Bootcamp FAQ

When & Where is it Held?

Classes are held in Memorial Park in Houston, TX; The Woodlands, TX and Central Park in New York.

Typically classes meet from 5:00-6:30 am.
The initial bootcamp is 2 weeks long.

How much does it cost?

Houston $395
New York $595

What is a typical day of Bootcamp?

A typical day is 90 minutes of non-stop full body p.t. That’s calisthenics Navy SEAL style. The SEAL P.T. workout is the same one that Navy SEALs utilize, it can be “taken on the road” without the use any equipment. At SEAL P.T. Bootcamp, every day is different. One day you may focus on upper body, the next lower body and the next running. No worries if you’re not a runner, you can start off speed walking, we’ll have you running at the end of 2 weeks! Finally this is a team effort, you get to know each other both on and off the field, how well your team works together determines the number of Team Work Drills, designed to get you going both physically and mentally!

Why should I do this?

The reasons are many. Primarily it’s an awesome alternative to the usual fitness center where you join and rarely see results.

Instead at SEAL P.T. Bootcamp you’ll put forth 110% effort and in return you’ll get excellent results and camaraderie that you typically you won’t find in a gym.

What’s after graduation?

If you make it to the end and have the attitude of a team player we’re going to invite you to train with us long-term in our maintenance program, the Lifers TEAM. Those who graduate from the program are eligible to become a member of the Lifers Team (avail in Texas only) workouts are designed to keep you going and continue to accelerate your fitness level.

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