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Benefits of our program include

  • Membership in our lifers program

  • Group Camaraderie unlike any gym

  • Unleash the total athlete in you

The Original SEAL Physical Training Course is the first all outdoor fitness boot camp in Houston and New York. If you are bored with physical fitness programs that feel more like hi-tech fashion shows than physical conditioning, perhaps you owe it to yourself to try one of the SEAL Physical Training programs. Since 1997, thousands of people thirsty for ultimate fitness have participated in our programs. Our philosophy is only 110% effort will do! Proven by years of developing the finest warriors the world has ever seen, The Original SEAL Physical Training Course is a unique fitness boot camp based upon the principles of Discipline, Motivation and Team Camaraderie.

Jack served nine years in the U.S. Military before being honorably discharged in 1995. Upon returning to civilian life, Jack was made keenly aware of the need to incorporate the principles of discipline, motivation, and team work alongside a unique physical fitness program modeled after the Navy SEALs workout. To date, the SEAL P.T. course has seen hundreds of civilians graduate from its physical fitness boot camp, with approximately two-thirds of the graduates maintaining and increasing their fitness levels by maintaining membership in the “Lifer’s Club”, the SEAL P.T. long term fitness program.

Take one of Jack Walston’s challenges and you are going to achieve More Results, Faster and with Less Money than you ever would at a Gym or with a “Personal Trainer”. Don’t settle for anything less than the Best of the Best. The Original Navy SEAL Physical Training Course!

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